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Submitted on
June 6, 2013


19 (who?)
All righty! Thank you everyone for entering!! :iconmidnightshadow88: and I are going to try and vote on the winners as soon as we can! :)

All right so :iconthe-european-hetalia:’s recent contest gave me an idea for this one!

This time we’re doing a historical kind of contest. Just something in either of the Nordics individual histories or something between two or more of them.

- Put “This is a contest entry for :iconnordicsxreader-oc:.” And why you choose the time you wrote/drew about in the description. :)
- At least one of the Nordics HAVE to be in it! (Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Finland)
- OCs are allowed but it MUST go with the theme.
- Please don’t all pick the Viking Era. As interesting as it is, there’s more to their history than that. Like the Bloody Danes and the Winter War between Finland and Russia. And it doesn’t have to be a specific event it can include a person that made an imprint on either of their histories.
- More than one entries are allowed but one only will take the prize. :)
- Other versions of the Nordics are allowed. (For example: Nekotalia, 2p!Hetalia, Chess!Hetalia, whatever is in the Hetalia fandom and has its own verse, you’re allowed to use. Just put the universe the characters are in the the description please. :))
- When you have completed your entry, please place it in the Contest Folder, and if you can’t do that, just message :iconshadowhachia: about it.
- Be creative! Do crossovers or even parodies! Do whatever you think people won’t do and make it as original! If we find out that what you’re doing is copied or something of the like, you’ll be banned from the contest. So please don’t make us do it!! >.<

For Drawings:
- Noridic pairings are allows
- Canon x OCs are preferred but are also optional.
- If you used a reference from another source, give credit! :D

For Fanfics:
- X Readers are preferred or X OCs
- You can use Nordic pairings if you’d like
- Songfics are allowed
- Give credit for whatever you use(songs, cover pics, and characters)



50:points: ShadowHachia
1 Commission of any kind LKeiko
1 colored chibi LKeiko
4 drabbles (Reader x Country) SugoiKawaii-desu
3 CountryxReader(Characters of their choice) oneshots doubleox515
1 inked sketch MidnightShadow88
2 drawing nadeshikofan
2 Chibi [colored] nadeshikofan
1 drawing sketch nadeshikofan

30:points: ShadowHachia
A full body commission (limit is three persons) LKeiko
3 drabbles (Reader x Country) SugoiKawaii-desu
2 CountryxReader(Characters of their choice) oneshots doubleox515
1  sketch MidnightShadow88
1 drawing nadeshikofan
1 Chibi [colored] nadeshikofan
1 Chibi [not colored] nadeshikofan
1 drawing sketch nadeshikofan

15:points: ShadowHachia
1 colored sketch (limit is one) LKeiko
2 drabbles (Reader x Country) SugoiKawaii-desu
1 CountryxReader(Characters of their choice) oneshots doubleox515
1 drawing nadeshikofan
1 Chibi [not colored] nadeshikofan

Please donate for prizes! You can donate and still participate! :)

Contest ends July 6th. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)
We don’t bite and we love the Nordics like you do~!
If the date needs to be extended, just ask!!!

:thumb376655998: Contest Entry - Occupation - NorwayxReader
A Contest Entry – Reader x Norway
Near Trondheim, Norway – October 1942
The word was shifting through the houses and the bleak approach of winter was making it all the grimmer. Despite the fact the Nazis had already destroyed Telavåg and sent its population (those that survived) to an interment camp, there seemed to be no trusted between them and the Norwegian locals. In some ways they were right – the Norwegians didn’t like them but punishing a whole village was atrocious, something at first they’d believed was just the fate of the eastern countries that had been occupied. But now the shooting of two German policemen, not to mention its use in Oslo for a brief period, had encouraged Josef Terboven, the Reichkommissar of Norway, to impose Martial law on Trondheim – at least that was the rumour.
As you hurried back home from finally getting your food requirements, you felt eyes watching you and you skin
Independent as of Today . . . by MidnightSNow17 That's How It Went .:Contest Entry:.
That's How It Went
The snow crunched under Norway’s boots as he walked through it. He kicked a few chunks aside and sighed as the rest turned a grayish color from the dirt under his boots. Almost every inch of pure white snow on the sidewalk had turned grey because of many people walking over it with dirty shoes and boots. It was like a sign; everything that symbolized innocence was stained by the impurity of others' actions. It was incredible how cruel this world had become.
His breath fogged up in front of him as he walked through the cold. His cheeks flushed red as the frigid wind bit at his face. Luckily, he was wearing a scarf to protect his neck. His head was covered by a comfortable black hat that clung to his flaxen colored locks. A few strands of hair escaped the hold of his hat and were blown against his face.
Norway took a right turn and made his way up to a familiar porch. He breathed in deeply, preparing himself for what was to come, and knocked on the door with a gl
Nordic history   contest by Dutch-Loves-Tulips94 Finland x Reader [Contest Entry]I'm drowning wherever I walk, yet nobody notices how horrid this silent suffering is because they themselves are involved. I take a step, and I feel nothing as I continue to march on, watching in silence. They don't know who I am in the those meetings for the nations, and they have yet to realize what I do. I'm merely an observer in this cruel world. And that is all I can do along with the others.

Lonely as I may be, I often meet up with North Antarctica, otherwise known as the North Pole. This life becomes interesting, yet a boring monotone gray sky. It changes so easily, or it remains the same for a short time.
I wonder if I'll remain? I am going through the most changes... so wouldn't it mean that I'll lose this life and be changed once again?
It's funny now that I think back. Because all of this became my fault because of a stupid mistake I did.
I barely made contact with anyone... yet I fell the most...

"Are you alright?! [Name]!!
:thumb382307287: :thumb382002037: We Will Prevail *Contest Entry* by xoxrocketdawg561 [Contest Entry] Denmark's Capital by ZiraHZ ver motmaelun allir by franny-ramos Denmark x Reader- Bloody Vengeance  A hot and thick crimson liquid coats your shoulder, seeping through your thick tunic. Your breaths are reduced to mere gasps and huffs, your throat tight and narrow, only allowing minuscule air to pass. The scent of death and smog assaulted your nostrils, making it more painful to breathe and making it harder to not stop and empty the contents of your stomach on the cobblestone road.
The scenery blurs in and out of focus, making you nauseous. But what you do manage to see is horrifying. People, various ages and genders, are strewn across the streets. Their lifeless, mangled bodies are bloodied and burned, some still have a noose tied tightly around their snapped necks. You stumbled around, light headed from the loss of blood, your left leg dragging behind you.  
What did I ever do to deserve this?
Your right leg wobbles unstably from underneath your weight and you fall over, landing on the cold, unforgiving ground. Hot blood trails onto the cobblestone roads and pools in the
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